Saturday, March 1, 2008

Obama leads in Texas

The latest Reuters poll has Obama ahead of Clinton in Texas 48 percent to 42 percent. Clinton's lead in Ohio has also narrowed dramatically. There's no way her campaign can spin a loss in Ohio the way they've tried to spin the last 11 Obama victories:

"Spin works best when it's intermittent and plausible; the Clinton camp's has been constant and ludicrous. Is it really wise to dismiss the vast majority of the United States as insignificant? Does anyone believe that the misguided attack on Obama's kindergarten ambitions was "a joke"? Explain to us again why Michigan's delegates should be seated even though Democrats agreed not to campaign there and Obama wasn't even on the ballot? Why are we supposed to ignore Wisconsin when it's got exactly the demographics that Penn has assured us are part of Hillary's 'enduring coalition,' back when Hillary had a massive lead in the state and just about every other state?"

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