Monday, March 3, 2008

Krugman's bias

Paul Krugman's latest NYT op-ed once again targets Obama:

"What we do know is that Mr. Obama has never faced a serious Republican opponent — and that he has not yet faced the hostile media treatment doled out to every Democratic presidential candidate since 1988. Yes, I know that both the Obama campaign and many reporters deny that he has received more favorable treatment than Hillary Clinton. But they’re kidding, right? Dana Milbank, the Washington Post national political reporter, told the truth back in December: 'The press will savage her no matter what ... they really have the knives out for her, there’s no question about it ... Obama gets significantly better coverage.'"

Two quick points:

1) Even with the endorsement of Rudy Guliani, Rick Lazio was never a serious Republican opponent. (Clinton beat him by 12 percentage points in 2000.) And what about John Spencer?

2) It's silly to present the "media" as a monolithic entity--with a universal bias against a particular candidate (or party). But, more importantly, if you're a mainstream media personality who's trying to argue that the mainstream media is bias against Hillary Clinton, shouldn't you rely on stronger evidence than, say, another mainstream media personality who agrees with you?

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